“November 2018, I went to visit Lancaster Press Fiji. The house and studio is set on a quiet hilltop catching cool breezes with views of the sea and the mountains. A luxurious tropical garden surrounds, the trees are laden with fruits (mangoes, avocadoes, limes, and coconuts) that can sustain you during your art sessions!! There is also a refreshing pool to dip into after your hard work in the studio! I highly recommend spending time at Lancaster Press Fiji, a perfectly quiet and peaceful place to be creative while being close to beautiful and interesting surrounds to explore. Peter’s assistance with lithography and his state of the art studio makes you confident and assured your print will be of the usual impeccably high standard from Lancaster Press. The surrounding tropical garden and views to the ocean and mountains is a spectacular scene to paint and draw in itself! Really looking forward to visiting again!! 5 Stars!!!”

Sue Anderson



“A master printer does not translate an artist's drawing into a lithograph, but is more like a midwife, who technically facilitates the creation of the original print. Melbourne-based Peter Lancaster is a master lithographic printer who has worked with a number of Australia's finest artists to create some absolutely brilliant lithographs. Kaye Green, a wonderful Australian artist, who frequently prints her own lithographs, describes her experience of collaborating with Lancaster as a "perfect working relationship".
Sasha Grisham - Art historian & Art critic
Really looking forward to visiting again!! 5 Stars!!!”
sue anderson
A "Perfect Working Relationship".
sasha grisham
Art historian & Art critic