My Story.

Fine Art Lithography

Since completing the Tamarind Printer training program in Albuquerque New Mexico Lancaster had a passion to set up his own print workshop and collaborate with artists. Tamarind Institute specialises in Hand Lithography and skills required for Artist Printer Collaborations. Master Printer Peter Lancaster established Lancaster Press in 1990 in the leafy suburbs of Middle Park, Melbourne Australia. Since its beginnings Lancaster has collaborated with an expansive range of artists from various disciplines and backgrounds.

Lancaster always had a strong interest in drawing. He drew nonstop growing up, and even studied the techniques and images of the old masters. So when it came time to apply for college he was certain he would get into the drawing course to which he had applied at the University of Melbourne. He was, however, not admitted. It was then that someone suggested to him that he try printmaking, if he enjoyed drawing as much as he did this would give him a chance to exercise that interest. Lancaster started to hang around the print studio at the university and did a bit of etching, but it was when he first saw someone drawing on a “bloody big rock” that he knew he’d found his calling. He was hooked – and like the rest of us – he never looked back.


Peter Lancaster
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